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We trust that you all are safe back at home and getting ready for the new year.

Can you believe that the first part of January 2023 is already gone?

We are all facing some serious challenges with the increasing pressure on our electricity supply, resulting in strain on your home and office security systems. We have also noticed that with increasing loadshedding, crime is also on the rise.

Are you up-to-date

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to inspect your security system to determine whether it is still meeting your specific needs, or whether it may be time for an update.                                                     

Here are some questions to help you to determine whether it’s time for an update;

When last did you test your alarm system?

When your alarm triggers, does our Control Room get the signal?

Do you have sufficient backup power during loadshedding, even during the 4-hour stints?

Have you provided Deep Blue with you latest contact?  For example, who we should contact in case of an alarm activation and who should. be contacted if you are not available.

In case of an emergency, have you supplied Deep Blue with all of the correct access details for your property?

If you are unsure about the answers to any of the above questions, we suggest that you contact our office immediately, to update your details or request a review out your alarm system.

Testing your alarm and Property checks

To test your alarm, simply call our control room to inform them of your intention to do so.

The last thing we want is for you to be caught off guard with a system that is no longer functioning optimally. So, we suggest that you do regular checks of your property, to determine the correct functioning of any outside systems, whether that be beams or cameras. Thus, making sure there are no obstructions that could hinder the 100% functioning of these systems.

Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Department on 021 202 3110 for an assessment of your current system and for suggestions of possible upgrades. You might be surprised how simple and inexpensive an update could be!

May you all have a prosperous and blessed 2023. We are here for you and appreciate you choosing Deep Blue Security .

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